Propolis…..Creates a natural forming antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial that clears infection from the body. It is great for skin wounds. The bees make propolis from tree sap to keep the hive and honey clean, this is why honey is always sterile. It is nature’s own and science cannot reproduce it.
Pollen…..Is the nutrient of the salve. It is great for blemishes, ulcerated wounds, burns and boils. Bees collect and fertilize plants with pollen and the rest goes into the hive.
Royal Jelly…...It is used as a youth giving properties and prevents scarring. It is a complex mixture only know to the bees and used to feed the queen.
Raw Honey…..It is free of bacteria and thus a natural antibacterial, which keeps wounds sterile and promotes healing. It comes directly from the hive because when honey is heated, especially above 116°F, the heat begins to destroy the antioxidants, enzymes, healing properties and vitamins that honey has to offer.
Beeswax…..Is honey turned into wax by the bee to make a home. It is used in hand creams, lipsticks, salves, coating tablets, and capsules........................................... added.....Petroleum Jelly is a petroleum by-product, purified. Creates an SPF of 8. Native American’s ingested it to regulate their bowels. It is used in many products we use today.