How fast does it work?

Mosquito bites the itch is gone instantly and the welt in 20 minutes.
Cold sores are gone in about 3 days. Apply as often as you think about it, beginning with the tingle.
Eczema heals sores faster. Use bandage over night with salve applied. It will return as it is an internal nerve issue.
Burns, because they are so tender apply salve to bandage first and then press into wound, will remove pain. Repeat every 24 hours, will prevent scarring. On sunburns, will be tender upon application rubbing on, but the pay off will be worth the tenderness.
Cracked heals varies on dryness. Apply heavily with socks twice a day. Slightly/averge dryness is about 3 days. You do not want the salve in your sheets or shoes.